ya wadoodo meaning in urdu

Spiritual practices are well known practices in our world. In spiritual therapy not only every word has its own propper meanings but also has its own special effects on human being as well as on universe.

These are the names of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty has how many names, no one knows only Allah knows how many names he has. Some name are known only by human beings, some name are known only by jinns, some names are known only by angels, and all other names are only known by Allah Almighty alone.

These names of Allah Almighy rule the universe. All the operations of this universe work under the control of names of Allah almighty. For example Allah’s name Al-Razzaq deals with food and the name Al-Rahman deals with mercy in human beings.

ya wadoodo meaning in urdu

One who is expert in Allah’s names and knows the exact counting to recite these names can solve all types of problems whether the problem is related to wealth, marriage, job, business, black magic removal, love, etc.

Al-Wadoodo is another name of Allah Almighty and this name is used to put love in between two souls. If this name is recited in right way with right number of times then this would essentially work and two people would love each other. But these are spiritual practices and must be undertaken under the permission and control of some spiritual expert.

The real meaning of word “Ya-Wadoodo” is one who creates friendliness between two people. “The loving”.

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